Sandy on Social Awareness

Sandy on Social Awareness.

My comments:

Sounds like you go to a Waitrose. At my local Waitrose, the socially unaware have another name: Pensioners.


They must always have their shopping trolleys right next to them which means blocking off access to at least two sections of shelving for everyone else. The reason is quite natural: someone may walk off with their trolley-full of unbought items.


And God forbid, you have to go to a Waitrose on a Friday at midday. It is impossible to find a parking spot, not because there isn’t one available, but because pensioners are ambling about as if it is a Sunday drive.


(I call Fridays at the local Waitrose the Day of the Dead, as there is a general aimless shuffling about that I have previously only ever seen in George Romero films.)


I’ve coined a phrase, it already exists in a roundabout sort of way but the existing phrase is some crap about consciousness and how society works within itself or some such hippy sounding bollocks. My phrase is ‘Social Awareness’. In my world it means having the first clue about what is going on around you. I’m going to have a rant about those who don’t. You know who the people with no social awareness are because you are a rational sensible human being and they are not. They most certainly don’t read my work, but if they did they would be reading it right now, on a tablet walking down the middle of the footpath not knowing you were trying to get past them.

Those with no social awareness sit beside you on a crowded train, open and start to eat a cheese and onion sandwich with no clue that…

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