What in the Hell are They Thinking?

What in the hell are they thinking?

I read lately of crackdowns on online hate speech by the police. Amber Rudd (our illustrious home secretary) is proposing putting people in jail for looking at “far-right” web sites. Police forces don’t have the budgets to police Remembrance Day. But they have the resources to watch what we are saying online. Or to paint their nails blue in remembrance of slavery.

Children get maimed and killed at a concert, various other attacks take place, and all they can do is bleat concerns about Islamophobia. Light a candle, stick a teddy bear and some flowers on the site of the latest atrocity (and the next one, and the next one, etc.), say something about thoughts and prayers, and get on with your life.

Keep your head down, and listen to the soothing tone as the BBC and the government ask you “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” (Apologies to Marx.)

Because if you open up your eyes, and really take it in, you will want to scream…

The longer they tamp the anger down; the more they subvert the will of the majority; the more they deny the very real issues that are going on in the country; and the more they arrest people for having an unapproved opinion about it, the more likely they make it so that the only outcome is violence.

The mob has been known to rise up; it can be argued that the mob has been the cause of many self-corrections to the British State over the millennia, giving us what, up until recently, was probably one of the most evolved constitutions in the world.

What in the hell are they thinking? Is that what they want?

I’m beginning to wonder…

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