…Politics by other means

War is the continuation of politics by other means.Carl von Clausewitz

Will Podmore provides some disturbing reading over at The Blue Anchor about our government’s collusion in bringing the UK into ever closer EU military unification. The key line being:

Ministers have agreed to all the steps towards military union taken by the six EU Councils since we instructed the government to leave the EU. The government has moved far faster to bind us into the EU defence acquis than it has ever moved to get us out of the EU.

Another article I came across the other day (and I can’t recall who linked to it) highlights the fact that Germany’s Bundeswehr is already integrating brigades from the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Romania into its command structures.

Folks, this is not a NATO-style alliance system they are building up. It is a single, unified EU military answering into central authority in Brussels.

And our government is full speed ahead on ensuring we are enmeshed in it.


One of the things that has really disturbed me about EU foreign policy of the past few years has been the apparent adaptation of one or two key Third Reich policies, such as extending influence into Ukraine (Lebensraum, anyone?).

It was quite clear to anyone reading about the Ukraine situation outside of the mainstream media that the EU was contributing  to the destabilisation of Ukraine (alongside a few other nefarious groups and agents, including CIA, Open Society Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, etc.).

Whether you support the current regime in Kiev or not, there is no denying that the Russians and the Ukrainians have had a very long, complicated relationship together lasting more than a millennium, and more often united than divided. Russian and Ukrainian culture both derived originally from Kievan Rus’.

[I have only spent a little bit of time skimming Russian history, but I hope to soon be reading this book to gain further knowledge.]

Messing in the affairs of Ukraine is definitely tweaking the nose of the Russian bear.

I can only surmise that the end game is war with Russia. It seems that anytime some bright spark gets Western Europe under their control, they always end up wanting to invade Russia. And we know how that always ends.

Add to this the idea that Emmanuel Macron wants to bring back conscription, and that Frau Merkel currently has a recently-arrived cohort of one million+ mostly unemployed men of military age, and I start getting very uncomfortable about the future for countries that are in the EU.

In a recent exchange on Twitter, I expressed my misgivings about this to a Remainer. He said it was better to be in the military union rather than out of it.

No thanks.

Not only do I see a large-scale continental war in the offing, I also see an army, comprised of people with no shared cultural, religious, or ethnic links to the locals, being used to quell any internal dissent.

I hope I am wrong. This is something I do not want to be right about.

And I hope that some Deus ex machina pulls us out of the maw of continued participation in the “European Project”: it will only end in rivers of tears, and blood.

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