Sleeplessness and worry…

I had a tough time getting to sleep last night. Part of it was physical. There was a stiffness in my neck which wouldn’t allow me to get comfortable until I had propped it up with a second pillow (which allowed me to fall asleep at 0030, to get up at my normal 0430 time).

The other part of it was worry.

I had been reading the twitters and other blogs and they were covering the banning of Tommy Robinson from Facebook. Which didn’t surprise me. It was the other people who had been banned, such as many prominent UKIP supporters, that really worried me.

Yes, I would have expected a banning for TR after the release of his Panodrama expose (YouTube, BitChute) where he showed up the BBC by pulling a sting of his own on them.

But the reason I was worried, as I am wont to be in the evenings, over the shape of things to come was that the banning of the other people on Facebook happened on the same day that Theresa May announced an inching closer of either her deal, Remain, or a second referendum.

I just couldn’t get it out of my head that the bastards at the top were going to double down on the attempts to remain in the EU. And that they were stifling prominent voices of dissent before the dirty deed would be done.

I am deeply worried about the short to medium term prospects of a peaceful life here in the UK, if Brexit is not allowed to happen properly and peacefully. Most people who voted to leave the EU were under no illusion that there might be a bumpy road ahead in the short term whilst it was sorted out.

But the Leave vote brought out many people who probably hadn’t voted in the past 20 years, and they were told that their vote would count. Not the full force of the British Government, the Civil Service, the Media, nor the exploitation of the murder of an MP would dissuade them from voting for something they knew in their hearts to be the best way to go.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: If the current government and loyal opposition go against that wish, it will be sending the message that voting doesn’t work to effect change. That is a very dangerous message to send.

Because if the ballot doesn’t work, it implies that violence, or the threat of violence, will. A certain subsegment of the immigrant population has demonstrated that, beginning back in 1989 – subsequently, that particular subsegment is treated with kid gloves by the powers that be.

So, yes, I was worried. Because I don’t want to see low-level violence, or high-level insurrection happening here*. And the more that dissenting voices are shut down, the greater the reaction will be when they finally do erupt.

Our government and the leaders of the EU have, for the past 30 years or so, been unleashing (consciously?) some serious historical forces on the peoples of this continent. I was hoping the resolution to those forces would be a peaceful one. The EU Exit vote was a sign of hope.

I am hoping to hell that the mere incompetence of the government gets us over the No Deal line by 30 March. Otherwise, those dark jokes about politicians hanging from lamp-posts may not be so funny any more. And other things may happen in the medium term to completely innocent people.


However, despite my despondency, it seems to me that God was sending me a few messages today. I am a voracious consumer of blogs, podcasts, and YouTube streams. Several sources came together to tell me that if I want to change the world spiritually, I must change myself to become closer to God and Christ.

Vox Day‘s Darkstream from last night touched upon this.

Bruce Charlton posted something along these lines yesterday.

And, when I run out of current stuff, I go through Jay Dyer‘s back catalogue. He mentioned this concept on at least three different podcasts last year.

And my bible reading this morning was Acts 6. There is something to be learned from St. Stephen’s story.

So I was clearly being given a sign. Look to Christ with hope, and don’t despond. It will all work out in the end…And do what is right.


* I am now leaning toward some form of revolution though I’d rather it be peaceful.

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