On Autistic Teenage Girls

I have been watching the whole Greta Thunberg / Climate Change thing with mild horror.

The Globalists have found in her an apparently unassailable spokesman for their agenda. Like a prophet in the wilderness, she spouts to the world all of the Globalists’ fear-mongering anti-facts designed to put us further under their thumbs. And the glory of it is, that by her being autistic, anyone who disagrees with what she has to say can be painted as someone who picks on ‘disabled’ people.

My oldest daughter has recently been diagnosed with what used to be called Asperger’s*. She is extremely intelligent as well. Over the course of the last two or three years we have come to learn a lot about how this condition manifests itself in teenage girls.

Due to the social pressures girls have, many are able to hide their ‘symptoms’ pretty well up until their hormones kick in. Then it is like all hell breaking loose in their lives. Sometimes it manifests as anorexia, sometimes it leads to their declaring they are trans and wanting to become boys. We didn’t have anything like that happen, but what did manifest caused a traumatic couple of years for our family.

If they are diagnosed early, as I suppose Greta Thunberg was, their parents are spared the feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness when the symptoms do manifest.

Whilst researching Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as a possible source of my daughter’s behaviour, I encountered the interesting and informative Asperger’s Test Site. I took the test myself, and scored well within the range of being on the autistic spectrum.

My potentially having Asperger’s goes a long way to explain many key episodes in my life. When I looked up ways of coping with it, though, I had discovered I’d already learned quite a few of the recommended coping mechanisms the hard way. I now often joke, for instance, that US Navy boot camp beat the ‘sperg out of me (which isn’t 100% true, as I still suffer from spergishness, I just learn to recognise it and try not to act on it).

I’m not bothered to get a formal diagnosis; I deal with it and I have learned to cope with how the symptoms of Asperger’s manifest in my life (mostly).

Whenever my daughter demonstrated what would be telltale symptoms throughout her childhood my wife would point it out as abnormal. I would then assuage my wife’s anxiety by saying my daughter was just like me and she would eventually grow out of it. See, I’m doing all right, aren’t I?

Ha! A lot of good that did.

It has only been recently that I realised that my high IQ contributed well to offsetting my symptoms and giving me the relative success that I have had to date. As well, being a man, my ‘sperg-like symptoms are more often tolerated by others. I am also convinced, like Ice Cube’s character in Three Kings, that I am surrounded by a ring of Jesus fire that has protected me throughout my life from the more severe potentialities of my character.

It has certainly been a blessed and charmed life for me so far, though not without its setbacks.

And my daughter, thanks to the obsessive traits of this condition combined with her innate intelligence and creativity, is managing to find some success very early in her current chosen career.

I mentioned at the top my mild horror at the Greta Thunberg situation. I’m also angry about it and some of the subsequent debates that have arisen.

I have learned from my own life and my daughter’s that people with ASD can be easily exploited by unscrupulous people. We tend to engage with the rest of the world with a presupposition that everyone else is behaving with as much good faith as we do. We tend to think the best of most people, and can fall victim to wolves, especially those in sheep’s clothing.**

Greta Thunberg is being exploited by some of the meanest nastiest people sitting at the top of the world’s hierarchy. They didn’t get where they are by holding hands and singing Kumbaya. Our so-called leaders are psychopaths who would sooner eat you than look at you.

And in St. Greta, they have found an appropriate shield for their nefarious aims. ‘Who would dare criticise a retarded kid, eh?’

The various responses to critiques of Greta have borne this out:

The subsequent responses in this tweet really prove my point. There is so much white knighting going on with people trying to ‘protect’ Greta from anyone who dares sees anything untoward in this situation.

There tends to be two camps for this white knighting.

The first camp are the virtue signallers who show their solidarity with ‘disabled’ people with their ‘How dare you’ attitude. These are the people who, like sheep, will go along with the crowd on anything until the shepherd points them in another – perhaps even opposite –  direction. And this is exactly what Greta’s exploiters had in mind by anointing her spokesman.

I suspect, by their sheep-like behaviour, these white knights participate in the everyday bullying of people with Asperger’s in the workplace or in school, either as active participants or as silent bystanders. It may sound cynical of me, but that is just what most people do; they keep their head down when real injustice takes place. And Aspies make good targets for bullies. But give an Aspie a megaphone and a cause that the sheep have been programmed to embrace, they’re all for neurodiversity and come straight to the rescue.

Nothing winds me up like the inherent hypocrisy these people display.

The second camp of white knights is a bit more sympathetic, but nonetheless wrong. These are the parents of children with ASD.

I imagine they see the relative success of Greta as being reflective of what their own children may be able to achieve. And they see any critique of the situation as criticising their own children, or perhaps even their parenting skills.

They declare Asperger’s a superpower. If it is a superpower, it is closer to Deadpool than it is to Superman. What I or my daughter wouldn’t give to have a level of social nous that most normie people take for granted, to be able to mix in well with the general population without having to practice at it.

Most normal people are aware of their own awkwardness and have their own insecurities, but I don’t think they can fathom the level of self-training and constant self-awareness one has to have to become even moderately sociable for people with both Asperger’s and high IQs.

Had I not demonstrated symptoms of Asperger’s throughout my life, I have no doubt that I would have been much more successful on all fronts than I am now. (I’m not complaining, just stating a fact to which I am reconciled.)

Hell, in some of my darker moments I would have been happy to shave 30 points off of my IQ just to be able to fit in better.***

But we are given what we are given, and as I have said before, I am relatively blessed. And God never gives us more than we can handle although sometimes it can be overwhelming.


But back to Greta…

Like many people ‘on the spectrum’, she has become obsessed with something and thinks she knows everything about it. And now she has been elevated to make that obsession key to her personality. I imagine she has been exposed to only one aspect of the issue at hand and believes what many ‘experts’ say she should believe about it.

This obsession has fuelled her fears and her anxiety, and is contributing to related fears and anxiety in others.

One thing that high-functioning autists can’t handle well is inconsistency and lying. Everything needs to make sense and they have a child-like adherence to the truth. If she ever gets a whiff of the fact that she is being exploited, and that maybe those things she asserts with such certainty may not be 100% accurate, like, say, the world doesn’t end in 12 years, she is going to face a crisis.

She is either going to have to completely repudiate her very public persona or she’s going to have to tamp that down and let it eat at her.

I think this whole situation is probably going to end very badly for her – even ‘normal’ children don’t handle fame too well. And because people are holding her up as this saint in the Climate Change movement, the impact on her life may be more than simply getting arrested for doing coke and driving 110 mph in a residential area.

UPDATED (30 Aug 19): Now that Greta has arrived in the US, have a look at her reactions here. This is not going to end well. A pox on the manipulators’ house.



*They’ve recently stopped calling it Asperger’s Syndrome because Herr Doktor Asperger did most of his key work under Mean Mr. Moustache’s eugenics programme.

**My reaction as an adult is to try to be as much as a sheep dog as I can, but I fall incredibly short of the ideal.

***No longer the case. I found this book helpful on that front. I now just appreciate the difference and accept that in some ways there aren’t going to be many people I relate to or who relate to me.

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