Thinking out loud about the Coof

I remember saying when this whole coronavirus thing kicked off that the outcome of coronavirus will be more devastating than the actual virus itself. I was thinking through the next steps when I believed the immediate general danger from CV-19 was greater than it appears to be now.

If everyone who caught it were dropping like flies, that means the world’s economy would come to an end and a great reset would have to happen.

I think we are seeing that reset now, as a result of the reaction to coronavirus, and not from the disease itself. It appears Peter Hitchens is in agreement with me. But I don’t think my own personal musings are particularly original.

One of my constant mantras for the past few years has been that the mainstream media is set up to either get you to be afraid of something or to buy something. Thus one should always ask when reading an article or watching the news: ‘What are they trying to get me to be afraid of? What are they trying to get me to buy?’

And the tinfoil hat in me is always on the lookout for how the Narrative is being shaped.

I have gone through so many permutations of thinking on this:

  1. Is all I’m seeing for real? If so, what does it mean?
  2. Are the symptoms of CV-19 a mass reaction to the crap cycling through the air – pollution, EMR, geo-engineering etc.
  3. If this is not for real, what does that mean?
  4. Is it all a psy op to bring about the technocratic New World Order of totalitarian mind control?
  5. Etc.

I think the one thing one shouldn’t be is afraid. Sceptical, though, always be sceptical. Not afraid. If it is option 4 above, then just accept the fact that I will end up in whatever gulag is currently being set up. My autistic tendencies keep me from falling for mass hallucinations long enough to be assimilated into shared reality, so when the trucks come around to collect the dissidents, I have no doubt they will be knocking on my door.

I am, however, gradually coming to the conclusion that although there is a massive wealth transfer taking place, and that many unsavoury players are trying to implement their own agendas, whatever is happening isn’t coordinated, or, if it is coordinated, it is being coordinated poorly.

Yes, there are mind games being played by the media, the politicians, and their Globalist puppet masters. But I don’t think anyone really knows what they’re doing.

Globalists and their minions are really good at promoting messages and getting people full of fear to demand that something, anything must be done to deal with whatever it is that we are to become fearful of.

Where they fall down, however, is that the minions they choose to implement their plans are also drinking the Kool-Aid. With very few exceptions, they suffer from the hubris of always thinking they are right and/or effective. The Globalists have been so effective at messaging, we now have a public sector and media stuffed with university-educated people who have learned what to think, not how to think. Add this to the constant quest for diversity, and we have a recipe for ineptitude on a scale previously unimaginable.

They can maintain their illusion of control when everything is ‘normal’, when people are going about their day-to-day lives being cogs in a relatively well-oiled machine, doing the keep-busy activities we call work. But when a crisis becomes real, their solutions are the same ones they would apply in normal times.

I originally thought that the various reactions to CV-19 were country-by-country A/B tests to see how effectively people could be made to fear and get in line. If that was the case, I now believe that they underestimated the human factor. Their biggest weakness is their inability to perceive the rest of us as anything but automata that only require the ‘proper’ programming.

Oh, don’t get me wrong: there is a whole lot of fuckery going on during this current crisis, and no doubt more freedoms (and wealth) will be taken away. But in the midst of all this fuckery, more people will become aware of just how much they’re being fucked with.

Where do I stand on the virus itself? I’m making Pascal’s Wager on this one. I take precautions – I wear a mask when I’m at the supermarket, I wash my hands, I keep social distancing, etc. We have someone in the household who could be vulnerable to it, and I don’t want them to catch this shit because I chose to disregard warnings no matter how overblown.

But other than going less to the supermarket and missing my fortnightly-ish trips to the pub with my wife, I haven’t had to adjust too much. Social distancing and self-isolation are my default settings anyway. And I prefer working from home to going into an office. I love being around my family more. And I have never been under the illusion that most of the things we call work are actually truly productive or have any intrinsic meaning.

And this is where I think the whole thing backfires for those who would control us. Many other people may be coming to the realisation that the way we work and the way we treat our children and families as a result of the way we work is dehumanising. And that maybe keeping up with the Joneses wasn’t ever all it was cut out to be.

I should hope this leads to a true Apocalypse (an unveiling, in the Greek sense of the word) for many when we are on the other side of this.

A man can dream, can’t he?

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2 Responses to Thinking out loud about the Coof

  1. Notelrac says:

    Saw your post on SocialGalactic. Just sent your paragraph starting with “Social distancing and self-isolation are my default settings” to my family. They were amused…

  2. Many thanks for reading. Much appreciated.

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