James LaFond Will Blow Your Mind…

I stumbled across James LaFond whilst listening to one of the many thousands of podcasts hosted by Borzoi Boskovic. Upon first hearing him speak I immediately had to find out more.

James LaFond writes on a massive variety of subjects, most notably street fighting and the general decline of the modern American empire, but the one thing that hooked me, besides his engaging erudite prose and sardonic wit, was the amazing historical research he has done in compiling his Plantation America series.

I had become partly interested in the question of white slavery in America ever since reading Howard Zinn’s proctologist’s eye view of America, A People’s History of America when I was about 20. Although mentioning that anti-miscegenation laws came about because white slaves were joining up with black slaves and leading revolts, he never really goes into just how the hell white slaves were actually there. It was always a little niggle of mine to try to find out more.

My interest was renewed when I ended up reading Jim Goad’s Redneck Manifesto, which, in turn, referenced Michael Hoffman’s They Were White and They Were Slaves, which I went on to read, as well.

James LaFond picked up where Hoffman left off, and has built up a massive project looking into what exactly happened during the early years of British America. Using primary and secondary sources, he uncovers – sometimes directly, sometimes deductively – the unsavoury history of white slavery in what was to become the United States.

Each of the books in the series tends to focus on a different theme, and he changes up the manner in which he delivers his subject matter. For instance, one volume consists of reprinting the first-hand account of someone who had been kidnapped in Aberdeen and sold into slavery interspersed with his own commentary. Other parts of the series are comprised of essays and blog entries where he has documented his research around the theme of each book.

One particularly disturbing pair of volumes are the ones based upon adverts for runaways from a local Maryland newspaper offering descriptions and rewards (So Her Master May Have Her Again / So His Master May Have Him Again). LaFond’s accompanying commentary provides a real eye-opening account of the plight of so-called indentured servants. This leads one to conclude that perhaps it wasn’t all we’ve been told.

Additionally, his astute reading of the sad series of events [beginning with Magna Carta – although I firmly believe (and I suspect LaFond does, too) the rot would not have been possible without William the Bastard – and continuing through to the Vagabond and Enclosure Acts of the 16th Century] which led the English elite to enslave their once relatively free yeomanry really hits home about how little we common people hold in common with our so-called betters. This, in turn, leads one to contemplate our current plight as wage slaves. Plus ça change, etc.

Due to his research, I’ve been able to apply a few coups de grace in debating so-called indentured servitude versus its African cousin, so it will help with interweb libtard ownership points. For example…

From 1600-ish to the late 18th Century, c. 4 million whites were brought over as ‘indentured’ servants. In 1865, they had c. 2 million descendants.

Over a similar time period but ending c. 1820, c. 500 thousand Africans were brought over as ‘negroes’ and subsequently ‘slaves’. In 1865, they had c. 4 million descendants.

Think about what that might imply regarding the relative treatment of each of those populations.*

I highly recommend dipping into his work if you have any interest in white slavery, the decline of civilisation, Aryan folkways, the classics, tabletop gaming, masculinity, street fighting, and more. He is an autodidactic specialist on many subjects. And if you have a polite question around anything he writes, he is often good for a well thought out response to your query, as well.

You can find a lot of his work on Amazon, but I would recommend checking to see if you can pick it up at one of the following two sites first:



Enjoy the journey…It’s a helluva ride…

* EDIT: Mr. LaFond has since posted two information-filled responses to the above blog post. They can be found

Here (where he corrects and breaks down some of the population numbers and provides a whole hell of a lot more context)


Here (where he provides an extensive timeline that demonstrates the difficulty of establishing population numbers throughout the period of early-ish American history)

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