Great Books Part 2 – 1293-1600

Finally following on from my previous post here. I present the next lot of my chronologically arranged listing of the Great Books derived from several different lists.

This time we go from Dante to the year 1600, which splits Shakespeare’s works pretty much in half. I know that seems rather random, but it’s mostly a space thing. You’ll come to see this when I get to later periods; the closer we get to now.

If you see any mistakes, or think I’m missing something, feel free to comment.

1293EssaysDante AlighieriThe New Life (La Vita Nuova)Italy
1313EssaysDante Alighieri“On Monarchy”Italy
1320EpicDante AlighieriDivine ComedyItaly
1327PoetryPetrarchLyric Poems; Selections Italy
1353FictionBoccaccioDecameron Italy
1400FictionGeoffrey ChaucerThe Canterbury TalesEngland
1400HistoryJean FroissartChroniclesFrance
1400PoetryGeoffrey ChaucerTroilus and CriseydeEngland
1405Philosphy / ReligionChristine de PisanBook of the City of LadiesFrance
1427Philosphy / ReligionThomas à KempisThe Imitation of ChristGermany
1463PoetryFrançois VillonPoemsFrance
1479PoetryJorge ManriqueCoplasSpain
1485EpicMaloryMorte d’Arthur England
1492FictionDiego de San PedroPrison of Love Spain
1494FictionLuo GuanzhongRomance of the Three KingdomsChina
1495EpicBoiardoOrlando Innamorato Italy
1498HistoryPhilippe de CommynesMemoirsFrance
1499DramaFernando de RojasLa CelestinaSpain
1511Philosphy / ReligionDesiderius ErasmusThe Praise of Folly Netherlands
1513Philosphy / ReligionNiccolò MachiavelliThe Prince Italy
1516Philosphy / ReligionThomas MoreUtopia Italy
1517HistoryNiccolò MachiavelliDiscourses on the First Ten Books of Livy Italy
1518DramaNiccolò MachiavelliThe MandrakeItaly
1518Philosphy / ReligionDesiderius ErasmusColloquiesNetherlands
1519ScienceLeonardo da VinciNotebooks Italy
1528Philosphy / ReligionCastiglioneThe Book of the Courtier Italy
1529PoetryJohn SkeltonPoemsEngland
1532EpicAriostoOrlando FuriosoItaly
1532PoetryMichelangeloSonnets & Madrigals Italy
1536Philosphy / ReligionJohn CalvinInstitutes of the Christian ReligionSwitzerland
1542PoetrySir Thomas WyattPoemsEngland
1543Philosphy / ReligionMartin LutherTable TalkGermany
1543Philosphy / ReligionMartin LutherThree TreatisesGermany
1543ScienceNicolaus CopernicusOn the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres Poland
1544PoetryMaurice ScèveDélieFrance
1547PoetryHenry Howard, Earl of SurreyPoemsEngland
1549FictionMarguerite de NavarreThe HeptameronFrance
1550BiographyVasariLives of the Painters Italy
1551PoetryGaspara StampaSonnets & Madrigals Italy
1554FictionUnknownLazarillo de TormesSpain
1560PoetryJoachim Du BellayThe RegretsFrance
1564FictionFrançois RabelaisGargantua and Pantagruel France
1569PoetryAntonio FerreiraPoetryPortugal
1572EpicLuis de CamoesThe LusiadsPortugal
1578DramaRobert GarnierMark AntonyFrance
1580EssaysMichel de MontaigneEssaysFrance
1581EpicTassoJerusalem Delivered Italy
1583DramaRobert GarnierThe JewessesFrance
1583EssaysSir Philip SidneyAn Apology for PoetryEngland
1584Philosphy / ReligionBrunoThe Expulsion of the Triumphant BeastItaly
1584PoetryFray Luis de LeonPoemsSpain
1585PoetryPierre RonsardOdes, Elegies, SonnetsFrance
1589DramaWilliam ShakespeareThe Two Gentlemen of VeronaEngland
1590DramaWilliam ShakespeareThe Taming of the Shrew England
1590PoetryEdmund SpenserProthalamionEngland
1591DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry VI, Part 2England
1591DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry VI, Part 3 England
1591DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry VI, Part 1 England
1591DramaWilliam ShakespeareTitus Andronicus England
1591PoetrySir Philip SidneyAstrophel and StellaEngland
1591PoetrySt. John of the CrossPoemsSpain
1592DramaThomas KydThe Spanish TragedyEngland
1592DramaWilliam ShakespeareRichard IIIEngland
1592DramaWilliam ShakespeareEdward III England
1593DramaChristopher MarlowePoems and PlaysEngland
1593PoetrySir Philip SidneyThe Countess of Pembroke’s ArcadiaEngland
1594DramaWilliam ShakespeareThe Comedy of Errors England
1594DramaWilliam ShakespeareLove’s Labour’s Lost England
1594FictionThomas NasheThe Unfortunate TravellerEngland
1595DramaWilliam ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet England
1595DramaWilliam ShakespeareLove’s Labour’s Won England
1595DramaWilliam ShakespeareRichard II England
1595DramaWilliam ShakespeareA Midsummer Night’s Dream England
1596DramaWilliam ShakespeareKing John England
1596DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry IV, Part 1 England
1596EpicEdmund SpenserThe Faerie Queene England
1597DramaWilliam ShakespeareThe Merry Wives of Windsor England
1597DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry IV, Part 2 England
1597Philosphy / ReligionFrancis BaconEssays England
1598DramaWilliam ShakespeareMuch Ado About Nothing England
1599DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry V  England
1599DramaWilliam ShakespeareJulius Caesar England
1599DramaWilliam ShakespeareAs You Like It England
1599DramaWilliam ShakespeareHamlet England
1600DramaWilliam ShakespeareTroilus and Cressida England
1600ScienceWilliam GilbertOn the Lodestone and Magnetic Bodies England
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