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Autobiography: Iberian Nights

The nights I would sit on my windowsill after the bars had closed and I would put on Concierto de Aranjuez, repeating The Adagio, Smoking a freshly rolled Cuban cigar and sipping a whisky And I would look out, from … Continue reading

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Wars and Rumours of Wars

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” ― Philip K. Dick I’ve been thinking a lot about that quote in light of things going on around the world and pondering their potential effects in the … Continue reading

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Great Books Part 2 – 1293-1600

Finally following on from my previous post here. I present the next lot of my chronologically arranged listing of the Great Books derived from several different lists. This time we go from Dante to the year 1600, which splits Shakespeare’s … Continue reading

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The Jewellery Box

It was only a piece of cheap Chinese- made tat that she wanted for her birthday: A musical jewellery box about yea big that she saw on Amazon. It was one among many unicorn-themed gifts that she said she would … Continue reading

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Great Books Part 1 – Ancient to 13th Century, Chronologically Arranged

I’ve mentioned in previous entries that I wanted to engage in the Great Books firsthand, after getting a lot of it secondhand. The big question was, which Great Books list should I use? I found a few lists on various … Continue reading

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Autobiography – News from Another Past Tribe

I heard that a few years ago, R. died of a heroin overdose (What a modern white male way to go). C. was with him and has since not touched the shit, good for you, C. I think of R. … Continue reading

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Autobiography – A Dream

A dream as fodder for midlife musings: What would the teen me say were he to see  me now? Writing reactionary, nay,  fascist, poetry and imbibing the  best poets of the last Century.                 … Continue reading

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James LaFond Will Blow Your Mind…

I stumbled across James LaFond whilst listening to one of the many thousands of podcasts hosted by Borzoi Boskovic. Upon first hearing him speak I immediately had to find out more. James LaFond writes on a massive variety of subjects, … Continue reading

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Yet, They Call Me Fragile

Attached by voluntary (so they say) chains To the desk provided to me In this open plan office Compromised from birth Wage slave Unable to speak up For fear of master’s minions Taking the food out of my children’s mouths … Continue reading

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Old Don Henley Tunes

  It was the sort of day That would bring to mind The lyrics from an old Don Henley song   Wind blowing off the Channel Providing the only air conditioning we’ll feel all summer Sun going down, orange in … Continue reading

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