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My letter to Liberty

I have yet to write to my MP, but I thought I would drop a line regarding FATCA to Liberty (one of the main civil liberties group in the UK) after reading this post at Isaac Brock Society and this post at Maple … Continue reading

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Sandy on Social Awareness

Originally posted on Sandysview:
I’ve coined a phrase, it already exists in a roundabout sort of way but the existing phrase is some crap about consciousness and how society works within itself or some such hippy sounding bollocks. My phrase…

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So many diversions, so little time…

Back to the blog…My first post in a couple of weeks. The first bit of writing in a week and a half (other than work stuff.) What have I been up to? Well, when I’m not working or running errands, … Continue reading

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Fighting more ignorance on Saverin

Once again, led to another article on Saverin via the Isaac Brock Society, I posted the following as a comment:   He has paid his taxes already.  By renouncing his citizenship, he had to pay an exit tax on his … Continue reading

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A Response to the Eduardo Saverin Story

Following a link in a comment at the Isaac Brock Society, I came across this article in the Grauniad.  I could not help but comment, as follows: As was mentioned by Tim Worstall, by renouncing his citizenship, he has already … Continue reading

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