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Why Am I Writing So Much about FATCA?

I have been writing a lot about FATCA. Which is funny, as after my final US tax return next year it should never be an issue for me again. I guess I am behaving like a jilted lover in many … Continue reading

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Letter to my MP about the FATCA IGA

Hi ___, I hope you are well. I thought I would share with you something I’ve written to both Liberty and Privacy International regarding a recent IGA signed between HMG and the US on the US tax law FATCA, and … Continue reading

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A Response to the Eduardo Saverin Story

Following a link in a comment at the Isaac Brock Society, I came across this article in the Grauniad.  I could not help but comment, as follows: As was mentioned by Tim Worstall, by renouncing his citizenship, he has already … Continue reading

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