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Autobiography: Iberian Nights

The nights I would sit on my windowsill after the bars had closed and I would put on Concierto de Aranjuez, repeating The Adagio, Smoking a freshly rolled Cuban cigar and sipping a whisky And I would look out, from … Continue reading

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Pipers and Drummers

Losing an hour or so Watching pipes and drums on YouTube A child of NeoLiberal Empire Disconnected from ‘home’ Those pipes go straight to your gut And tell you where you are ‘from’ The lump appears in your throat Thinking … Continue reading

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Solsbury Hill and Synchronicity

Whenever I approach an apparent transition in my life, ‘Solsbury Hill’ by Peter Gabriel becomes an earworm that is impossible to remove. On my very last day in the US Navy, on US Naval Station Norfolk, after the personnel guy … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Freedom

“…From the day that I was born I waved the flag, Philadelphia freedom took me knee-high to a man…” Once again, the iPod throws up a thought-provoking tune: “Philadelphia Freedom” by Elton John. When I was a kid, and when … Continue reading

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It’s not often that I am moved to nostalgia by Euro-disco plinky-plinky music. It’s not as if it all doesn’t sound the same. Rather anodyne melodies following a tried and tested formula to get people to dance and invoke euphoria … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Playlist – A love letter to my Wife on My Birthday

(This is a rather long post, so feel free to skip down to the playlist, if you can’t wait.) It is my birthday today. I am now 43 years old. I usually go through a pensive stage of navel-gazing ahead … Continue reading

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Kate Rusby – The Hawth, Crawley – 18 November 2012

As a bit of a music anorak, I view it as my responsibility to ensure that my child(ren) are exposed to “good” music, rather than the factory-style output that is typical of the charts. A parent can’t necessarily overcome the … Continue reading

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Bellowhead – Brighton Dome, 13 November 2012 – Review

On the surface, Bellowhead’s music is probably not for everyone: a cacaphonous 11-piece band consisting of a horn section, a string section, a guitarist/lutist/mandolinist, the occasional Northumbrian pipes and a percussionist, with a tuba laying down the bass lines – … Continue reading

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Kate Rusby – 20

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of English folk music. (Not necessarily the soundtrack to Morris dancing, although that does have its charms.) One of the things I am beginning to appreciate about the form, particularly when the … Continue reading

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Soundtrack of my Life – “Don’t Stop Believin'”

I never really rated Journey, much. Everyone around me listened to them, but I didn’t see the attraction…much. I suppose when I was 13 or 14, they were ubiquitous on the radio. I think I had a 45 from them … Continue reading

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