Autobiography: Iberian Nights

The nights I would sit on my windowsill

after the bars had closed and I would put on

Concierto de Aranjuez, repeating

The Adagio,

Smoking a freshly rolled

Cuban cigar and sipping a whisky

And I would look out, from my flat inside

the medieval walls of the Portuguese


The late-night partiers making their

way from Largo de Camoes, or getting

turfed out of Bar 24 when

Wander decides he needs to go home, too.

And then the streets become silent

and there

is nothing but the sound of this morose

Iberian melody bouncing off

the cobblestones

And the cigar smoke and

The Scottish whisky and my drunk musings.

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Wars and Rumours of Wars

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

― Philip K. Dick

I’ve been thinking a lot about that quote in light of things going on around the world and pondering their potential effects in the near- to medium-term.

I imbibe a lot of alternative media – Telegram channels, podcasts, blogs, news aggregators, etc. – ranging from conspiracy to ethnonationalism to NRx to alternative comedy to history to philosophy to economics and even more conspiracy and spoopy things and Orthodoxy and other flavours of trad/conservative Christianity. I’ve even discovered the joys of reading /pol/.

I’ve been following non mainstream (but a variety of) views of the ‘special military operation’ happening in Ukraine. And the massive gay-ops and psy-ops associated with said military intervention.

I’ve known all about Agenda-21 and Agenda 2030, the WEF and Klaus Schwab, the massive psy-op that is Covid-19, and it all seems to keep coming and coming and coming on.

I haven’t written much over the past couple of years because…I just don’t know what to say. It’s like staring in disbelief at a slow-motion bus accident and not being able to do anything about it.

The world is a mess. And the controllers keep trying to make it worse. As if by design.

And the more evangelical types are pointing to things happening that seem to coincide with the coming of Anti-Christ and the doings in the Book of Revelation.

And then there are others who go back to the Book of Enoch and Genesis 6 and draw parallels with the times we are living in.

But I come back to it all looking ‘as if by design’.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea had a profound effect on me when I read it in my early 20s. It’s easy to dismiss it as a drugged-out hippy view of all the conspiracies that were known at the time. And perhaps in some ways it was. But there were also some deep nuggets of truth about how the world works, and it taught me a lot about how we all engage with the world with our own set of filters and how sometimes these filters are all we have that keep us functioning and not slipping into madness.

Anyway, the protagonists, a rag-tag mini-army of libertine libertarians are fighting against the many-tentacled wings of the Conspiracy, which is trying to ‘immanentise the eschaton’ – that is try to bring heaven on earth.

And that’s what our so-called controllers are trying to do. And the more mystical of them are actually trying to bring about this ultimate battle between God and their own boss, the lord of this world – Satan/the Anti-Christ. Their own way of immanentizing the eschaton.

And as much as they try to make this world look like the world of Genesis 6, and as much as they try to fulfil scripture, I don’t think God’s necessarily going to bite at the bait.

Because ‘no man knows the day or the hour’.

I shall probably flesh this out a bit more. But these are my initial thoughts upon being asked earlier today whether I think the events of Revelation are happening now.

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Great Books Part 2 – 1293-1600

Finally following on from my previous post here. I present the next lot of my chronologically arranged listing of the Great Books derived from several different lists.

This time we go from Dante to the year 1600, which splits Shakespeare’s works pretty much in half. I know that seems rather random, but it’s mostly a space thing. You’ll come to see this when I get to later periods; the closer we get to now.

If you see any mistakes, or think I’m missing something, feel free to comment.

1293EssaysDante AlighieriThe New Life (La Vita Nuova)Italy
1313EssaysDante Alighieri“On Monarchy”Italy
1320EpicDante AlighieriDivine ComedyItaly
1327PoetryPetrarchLyric Poems; Selections Italy
1353FictionBoccaccioDecameron Italy
1400FictionGeoffrey ChaucerThe Canterbury TalesEngland
1400HistoryJean FroissartChroniclesFrance
1400PoetryGeoffrey ChaucerTroilus and CriseydeEngland
1405Philosphy / ReligionChristine de PisanBook of the City of LadiesFrance
1427Philosphy / ReligionThomas à KempisThe Imitation of ChristGermany
1463PoetryFrançois VillonPoemsFrance
1479PoetryJorge ManriqueCoplasSpain
1485EpicMaloryMorte d’Arthur England
1492FictionDiego de San PedroPrison of Love Spain
1494FictionLuo GuanzhongRomance of the Three KingdomsChina
1495EpicBoiardoOrlando Innamorato Italy
1498HistoryPhilippe de CommynesMemoirsFrance
1499DramaFernando de RojasLa CelestinaSpain
1511Philosphy / ReligionDesiderius ErasmusThe Praise of Folly Netherlands
1513Philosphy / ReligionNiccolò MachiavelliThe Prince Italy
1516Philosphy / ReligionThomas MoreUtopia Italy
1517HistoryNiccolò MachiavelliDiscourses on the First Ten Books of Livy Italy
1518DramaNiccolò MachiavelliThe MandrakeItaly
1518Philosphy / ReligionDesiderius ErasmusColloquiesNetherlands
1519ScienceLeonardo da VinciNotebooks Italy
1528Philosphy / ReligionCastiglioneThe Book of the Courtier Italy
1529PoetryJohn SkeltonPoemsEngland
1532EpicAriostoOrlando FuriosoItaly
1532PoetryMichelangeloSonnets & Madrigals Italy
1536Philosphy / ReligionJohn CalvinInstitutes of the Christian ReligionSwitzerland
1542PoetrySir Thomas WyattPoemsEngland
1543Philosphy / ReligionMartin LutherTable TalkGermany
1543Philosphy / ReligionMartin LutherThree TreatisesGermany
1543ScienceNicolaus CopernicusOn the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres Poland
1544PoetryMaurice ScèveDélieFrance
1547PoetryHenry Howard, Earl of SurreyPoemsEngland
1549FictionMarguerite de NavarreThe HeptameronFrance
1550BiographyVasariLives of the Painters Italy
1551PoetryGaspara StampaSonnets & Madrigals Italy
1554FictionUnknownLazarillo de TormesSpain
1560PoetryJoachim Du BellayThe RegretsFrance
1564FictionFrançois RabelaisGargantua and Pantagruel France
1569PoetryAntonio FerreiraPoetryPortugal
1572EpicLuis de CamoesThe LusiadsPortugal
1578DramaRobert GarnierMark AntonyFrance
1580EssaysMichel de MontaigneEssaysFrance
1581EpicTassoJerusalem Delivered Italy
1583DramaRobert GarnierThe JewessesFrance
1583EssaysSir Philip SidneyAn Apology for PoetryEngland
1584Philosphy / ReligionBrunoThe Expulsion of the Triumphant BeastItaly
1584PoetryFray Luis de LeonPoemsSpain
1585PoetryPierre RonsardOdes, Elegies, SonnetsFrance
1589DramaWilliam ShakespeareThe Two Gentlemen of VeronaEngland
1590DramaWilliam ShakespeareThe Taming of the Shrew England
1590PoetryEdmund SpenserProthalamionEngland
1591DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry VI, Part 2England
1591DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry VI, Part 3 England
1591DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry VI, Part 1 England
1591DramaWilliam ShakespeareTitus Andronicus England
1591PoetrySir Philip SidneyAstrophel and StellaEngland
1591PoetrySt. John of the CrossPoemsSpain
1592DramaThomas KydThe Spanish TragedyEngland
1592DramaWilliam ShakespeareRichard IIIEngland
1592DramaWilliam ShakespeareEdward III England
1593DramaChristopher MarlowePoems and PlaysEngland
1593PoetrySir Philip SidneyThe Countess of Pembroke’s ArcadiaEngland
1594DramaWilliam ShakespeareThe Comedy of Errors England
1594DramaWilliam ShakespeareLove’s Labour’s Lost England
1594FictionThomas NasheThe Unfortunate TravellerEngland
1595DramaWilliam ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet England
1595DramaWilliam ShakespeareLove’s Labour’s Won England
1595DramaWilliam ShakespeareRichard II England
1595DramaWilliam ShakespeareA Midsummer Night’s Dream England
1596DramaWilliam ShakespeareKing John England
1596DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry IV, Part 1 England
1596EpicEdmund SpenserThe Faerie Queene England
1597DramaWilliam ShakespeareThe Merry Wives of Windsor England
1597DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry IV, Part 2 England
1597Philosphy / ReligionFrancis BaconEssays England
1598DramaWilliam ShakespeareMuch Ado About Nothing England
1599DramaWilliam ShakespeareHenry V  England
1599DramaWilliam ShakespeareJulius Caesar England
1599DramaWilliam ShakespeareAs You Like It England
1599DramaWilliam ShakespeareHamlet England
1600DramaWilliam ShakespeareTroilus and Cressida England
1600ScienceWilliam GilbertOn the Lodestone and Magnetic Bodies England
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The Jewellery Box

It was only a piece of cheap Chinese-
made tat that she wanted for her birthday:
A musical jewellery box about 
yea big that she saw on Amazon.
was one among many unicorn-themed gifts 
that she said she would like for her birthday

I bought it, to her mother’s slight passing 
annoyance, (it would only be a waste 
of money)

            She unwrapped it the morning 
of her birthday, opening the box to 
reveal the unicorn spinning in time 
to tinkling music, its reflection in 
the mirror on the inner lid. 
                                I showed 
her how to wind it up, ‘not too tightly, 
as it could break’
                     I watched as delight danced 
across her enrapt face as it spun round
Only for her to re-wind the box and 
watch it some more

                      I occasionally 
hear her in her room, unicorn spinning 
to the tinkling music, her face filled with 
childish delight, and me wondering how 
much longer will she be so enrapt by 
something so cheap and wonderful, and I 
pray that she will never wind it up too 

          I would have paid twenty times more 
for that piece of cheaply made Chinese tat
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Great Books Part 1 – Ancient to 13th Century, Chronologically Arranged

I’ve mentioned in previous entries that I wanted to engage in the Great Books firsthand, after getting a lot of it secondhand. The big question was, which Great Books list should I use?

I found a few lists on various sites and one of my first lockdown projects was to compile, de-duplicate, arrange them by date, and assign countries of origin to them. My sources, primarily, were from here, here, and here, and a lot of InfoGalactic.

I have taken it upon myself to read these in chronological order. I tried to get the dates as exact as possible, but where I didn’t have an actual publication date, I would use some significant date from the author’s biography – such as year of death. I will put links to the versions I’ve read as soon as I read them to help mark my progress.

For your edification, please find below the first instalment of the list, which takes us from Gilgamesh to Aquinas. If you find any mistakes, let me know and I will update.

Now to actually start reading them.

-1800EpicUnknownEpic of Gilgamesh Ancient Near East
-700PoetryUnknownShijingAncient China
-645PoetryArchilochosArchilochos Ancient Greece
-600EpicHomerIliadAncient Greece
-600EpicHomerOdysseyAncient Greece
-600Philosphy / ReligionUnknownEgyptian Book of the DeadAncient Near East
-600PoetryAlcman Alcman Ancient Greece
-600PoetryHesiodWorks & Days, TheogonyAncient Greece
-600PoetrySapphoSapphoAncient Greece
-564FictionAesopFables Hellenistic Greece
-475Philosphy / ReligionHeraclitus Heraclitus Ancient Greece
-473Philosphy / ReligionConfuciusAnalects of ConfuciusAncient China
-450HistoryHerodotusHistoriesAncient Greece
-443PoetryPindarOdes Ancient Greece
-430Philosphy / ReligionEmpedoclesEmpedoclesAncient Greece
-420DramaAeschylusTragediesAncient Greece
-410HistoryThucydidesHistory of the Peloponnesian War Ancient Greece
-406DramaEuripidesTragedies Ancient Greece
-406DramaSophoclesTragediesAncient Greece
-400Philosphy / ReligionUnknownMahabarathaAncient India
-386DramaAristophanesComedies Ancient Greece
-371HistoryXenophonMemorabilia Ancient Greece
-370ScienceHippocratesMedical Writings Ancient Greece
-359HistoryXenophonHellenicaAncient Greece
-354HistoryXenophonAnabasis Ancient Greece
-350Philosphy / ReligionUnknownRamayanaAncient India
-347Philosphy / ReligionPlatoDialogues Ancient Greece
-330Philosphy / ReligionDemosthenesDe Corona Ancient Greece
-322Philosphy / ReligionAristotleWorks Ancient Greece
-315DramaMenanderSamia Hellenistic Greece
-300ScienceEuclidElementsHellenistic Greece
-270Philosphy / ReligionEpicurus“Letter to Herodotus”; “Letter to Menoecus” Hellenistic Greece
-270PoetryTheocritusIdylls Hellenistic Greece
-246EpicApolloniusArgonauticaHellenistic Greece
-240PoetryCallimachusHymns & Epigrams Hellenistic Greece
-212ScienceArchimedesWorks Hellenistic Greece
-200Philosphy / ReligionVariousOld TestamentAncient Near East
-200Philosphy / ReligionVariousApocryphaAncient Near East
-200Philosphy / ReligionUnknownBhagavad GitaAncient India
-190ScienceApolloniusConics Hellenistic Greece
-184DramaPlautusPseudolus; The Braggart Soldier; The Rope; Amphitryon Roman
-159DramaTerenceThe Girl from Andros; The Eunuch; The Mother-in-Law Roman
-55Philosphy / ReligionLucretiusOn the Nature of Things Roman
-54PoetryCatullusAttis and Other Poems Roman
-43Philosphy / ReligionCiceroWorks Roman
-40HistoryJulius CaesarWorksRoman
-19EpicVirgilWorks (esp. Aeneid)Roman
8PoetryHoraceWorks (esp. Odes and Epodes; The Art of Poetry) Roman
9HistoryLivyHistory of RomeRoman
18EpicOvidWorks (esp. Metamorphoses)Roman
62PoetryPersiusSatires Roman
65Philosphy / ReligionSenecaLettersRoman
65PoetryLucanPharsalia Roman
66PoetryPetroniusSatyricon Roman
98HistoryTacitusAgricola Roman
100Philosphy / ReligionVariousThe New TestamentAncient Near East
100Philosphy / ReligionQuintilianInstitutes of Oratory Roman
100ScienceNicomachus of GerasaIntroduction to Arithmetic Hellenistic Greece
102Philosphy / ReligionTacitusDialogus de oratoribus (Dialogue on Oratory)Roman
104PoetryMartialEpigrams Roman
105HistoryTacitusHistories Roman
110PoetryJuvenalSatires Roman
120BiographyPlutarchParallel Lives; Moralia; Lives Hellenistic Greece
135Philosphy / ReligionEpictetusDiscoursesHellenistic Greece
135Philosphy / ReligionEpictetusEnchiridion Hellenistic Greece
150Philosphy / ReligionKalidasaSakuntalaAncient India
150Philosphy / ReligionVariousThe Apostolic Fathers Ancient Near East
160HistoryArrianAnabasis of AlexanderHellenistic Greece
168SciencePtolemyAlmagest Hellenistic Greece
180EssaysLucianWorks Hellenistic Greece
180Philosphy / ReligionMarcus AureliusMeditations Roman
200Philosphy / ReligionVariousSayings of the Fathers (Pirke Aboth)Ancient Near East
200ScienceGalenOn the Natural Faculties Hellenistic Greece
270Philosphy / ReligionPlotinusThe Enneads Roman
273Philosphy / ReligionLonginusOn the Sublime Hellenistic Greece
398Philosphy / ReligionSt. AugustineConfessions Latin
426Philosphy / ReligionSt. AugustineCity of God Latin
426Philosphy / ReligionSt. Augustine“On the Teacher”; On Christian DoctrineLatin
650Philosphy / ReligionMohammedKoranArabia
850FictionUnknown1001 Nights Persia
950EpicUnknownShahnameh Persia
950EpicUnknownPoetic Edda Iceland
1050EpicUnknownThe Volsungs Saga or Nibelungenlied Iceland
1115EpicUnknownThe Song of RolandFrance
1138Philosphy / ReligionMaimonidesThe Guide for the Perplexed Spain
1140EpicUnknownPoem of the Cid Spain
1170EpicChretien De TroyesYvain, the Knight of the LionFrance
1220EpicSnorri SturlusonProse Edda Iceland
1250EpicEschenbachParzifal Germany
1250EpicUnknownThe Saga of Burnt NjálIceland
1256Philosphy / ReligionSt. Thomas Aquinas Of Being and EssenceItaly
1263Philosphy / ReligionSt. Thomas Aquinas Summa Contra GentilesItaly
1267Philosphy / ReligionSt. Thomas Aquinas Of the Governance of RulersItaly
1273Philosphy / ReligionSt. Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologica Italy
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Autobiography – News from Another Past Tribe

I heard that a few years ago, R. died 
of a heroin overdose
                     (What a 
modern white male way to go).
                              C. was with 
him and has since not touched the shit, good for 
you, C.

          I think of R. every time 
I hear AC/DC.  R. wore trucker 
caps without the slightest irony. He 
just liked them. Did R. ever have a chance?
His ginger ‘fro-like coiffure and freckles 
betrayed his shanty Irish, maybe Scots-
Irish, antecedents

                       I wonder if 
R. would have been as susceptible if 
he were allowed to be proud of where he 
came from beyond just listening to the 
occasional tune by David Allen 
Coe or Johnny Rebel.
                        Even way back 
then, they were taking away what was left 
of Southern pride

                      I guess a country boy 
couldn’t survive

                     I too busy posing, 
trying to forget where I came from, to 
see what was really going on around 
    Looking homeward and seeing no angels.

But ‘home’ is not home anymore;
                                       Home is 
halfway around the world now with a new 
accent, straddling the line between middle- 
and working class
                      Aware of potential 
wasted and the solemn compromises 
made, and exhausted from my inaction.

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Autobiography – A Dream

 A dream as fodder for midlife musings:

 What would the teen me say were he to see 
 me now? Writing reactionary, nay, 
 fascist, poetry and imbibing the 
 best poets of the last Century. 
 would the teen me say were I to tell him 
 that, yes, your grug-brained skinhead buddies were 
 probably right all along: Perhaps the 
 only way we will ever get along 
 with the others in our midst is if we 
 separate from them?
                     I dreamt that last night
 that we were all together again, our 
 loose-knit tribe of skins, mods, punks and what I
 was at the time (a mulletted nerd in 
 heavy metal tee-shirts). But all growed up
 Or as grown up as we will ever be.

 And I dreamt that they remembered me with 
 the same epic fondness I remember 
 them with, each of them larger than life as 
 they were to me when we were that age: in 
 bomber jackets, jeans, and DMs.  
                                 But the 
 DMs and bombers were traded in for  
 the more middle-aged look of Hawaiian 
 shirts and cargo shorts. Drinking cheap beer and
 telling our sea stories. 
                          But other than 
 a few snapshot moments, I can’t recall 
 much else of that dream, nor of our times past.
 And maybe I was just peripheral or
 perhaps we were all just peripheral to
 each other’s central stories, a stillborn
 Proto-Mannerbund, but never knowing.
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James LaFond Will Blow Your Mind…

I stumbled across James LaFond whilst listening to one of the many thousands of podcasts hosted by Borzoi Boskovic. Upon first hearing him speak I immediately had to find out more.

James LaFond writes on a massive variety of subjects, most notably street fighting and the general decline of the modern American empire, but the one thing that hooked me, besides his engaging erudite prose and sardonic wit, was the amazing historical research he has done in compiling his Plantation America series.

I had become partly interested in the question of white slavery in America ever since reading Howard Zinn’s proctologist’s eye view of America, A People’s History of America when I was about 20. Although mentioning that anti-miscegenation laws came about because white slaves were joining up with black slaves and leading revolts, he never really goes into just how the hell white slaves were actually there. It was always a little niggle of mine to try to find out more.

My interest was renewed when I ended up reading Jim Goad’s Redneck Manifesto, which, in turn, referenced Michael Hoffman’s They Were White and They Were Slaves, which I went on to read, as well.

James LaFond picked up where Hoffman left off, and has built up a massive project looking into what exactly happened during the early years of British America. Using primary and secondary sources, he uncovers – sometimes directly, sometimes deductively – the unsavoury history of white slavery in what was to become the United States.

Each of the books in the series tends to focus on a different theme, and he changes up the manner in which he delivers his subject matter. For instance, one volume consists of reprinting the first-hand account of someone who had been kidnapped in Aberdeen and sold into slavery interspersed with his own commentary. Other parts of the series are comprised of essays and blog entries where he has documented his research around the theme of each book.

One particularly disturbing pair of volumes are the ones based upon adverts for runaways from a local Maryland newspaper offering descriptions and rewards (So Her Master May Have Her Again / So His Master May Have Him Again). LaFond’s accompanying commentary provides a real eye-opening account of the plight of so-called indentured servants. This leads one to conclude that perhaps it wasn’t all we’ve been told.

Additionally, his astute reading of the sad series of events [beginning with Magna Carta – although I firmly believe (and I suspect LaFond does, too) the rot would not have been possible without William the Bastard – and continuing through to the Vagabond and Enclosure Acts of the 16th Century] which led the English elite to enslave their once relatively free yeomanry really hits home about how little we common people hold in common with our so-called betters. This, in turn, leads one to contemplate our current plight as wage slaves. Plus ça change, etc.

Due to his research, I’ve been able to apply a few coups de grace in debating so-called indentured servitude versus its African cousin, so it will help with interweb libtard ownership points. For example…

From 1600-ish to the late 18th Century, c. 4 million whites were brought over as ‘indentured’ servants. In 1865, they had c. 2 million descendants.

Over a similar time period but ending c. 1820, c. 500 thousand Africans were brought over as ‘negroes’ and subsequently ‘slaves’. In 1865, they had c. 4 million descendants.

Think about what that might imply regarding the relative treatment of each of those populations.*

I highly recommend dipping into his work if you have any interest in white slavery, the decline of civilisation, Aryan folkways, the classics, tabletop gaming, masculinity, street fighting, and more. He is an autodidactic specialist on many subjects. And if you have a polite question around anything he writes, he is often good for a well thought out response to your query, as well.

You can find a lot of his work on Amazon, but I would recommend checking to see if you can pick it up at one of the following two sites first:

Enjoy the journey…It’s a helluva ride…

* EDIT: Mr. LaFond has since posted two information-filled responses to the above blog post. They can be found

Here (where he corrects and breaks down some of the population numbers and provides a whole hell of a lot more context)


Here (where he provides an extensive timeline that demonstrates the difficulty of establishing population numbers throughout the period of early-ish American history)

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Yet, They Call Me Fragile

Attached by voluntary (so they say) chains
To the desk provided to me
In this open plan office

Compromised from birth
Wage slave
Unable to speak up
For fear of master’s minions
Taking the food out of my children’s mouths

They call me fragile

There are those that do their jobs
Because they can 
(not because they must)
Smiling as they say things about 
Me that are not remotely true
As I am cornered in the re-education
Session of the HR seminar
And I take it with a well-disciplined
Shit-eating grin…

Yet, They call me fragile

On social meeja
I see some members of a certain tribe
Wishing to eradicate me and mine
‘Dear fellow whites…It’s only a joke…well kinda…
get over it’

Yet, They call me FRAGILE

I see the tribute on the 
Company’s web site
To Black Lives Matter
And the concern for ‘BAME’ colleagues
Through these ‘challenging times’

Yet, They call ME fragile

As the future baristas 
In sociology and journalism departments
Deconstruct my life, my history, and my culture with
A singular sociopathic misandry

Yet, THEY call me fragile

They demand to see my face
And know my real name
On the social meeja
When I show the slightest resistance
To this, the greatest control system
Ever devised
‘I’m sure your employer would love to know your 
Real feelings about this, wouldn’t they?’
Being the catch-all retort
When neither their rhetoric nor dialectic 
Has lived up to its supposed
inherent superiority
And we do not respond in kind

Yet, they call me fragile

They have declared war on me and mine
Just for existing
Heaping calumny upon calumny
And accuse me of holding the deepest hate
For the Other
Attacking us in 
Weakly justified pre-emptive attacks
And I and mine
Have not responded in kind

Yet, They call me fragile

They attack our women
Calling them Karen
For expecting the same treatment
They would give to others
They threaten them 
Then video - 
Only registering the fear
Of cancellation and the ultimate white curse of ostracism
And we have not yet responded in kind

Yet, They call me fragile

But one day we will respond in kind
And it won't be because we are fragile
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Old Don Henley Tunes


It was the sort of day

That would bring to mind

The lyrics from an old Don Henley song


Wind blowing off the Channel

Providing the only air conditioning we’ll feel all summer

Sun going down, orange in the hazy distance

Shingled beach empties out


The signature drum, guitar and synth hooks kick in

On the stereo in my mind


And I’m brought back to summers more than

half a lifetime

And half a world



For us, it was deadhead stickers on Camaros and old Volvos


Both sad and grateful

That it was more than half a lifetime and

Half a world


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