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Pet Peeves – Issues Surrounding Coffee

The following might have you thinking me a miserable git, or nodding in vigorous agreement. These are actually two different pet peeves, but revolving around the same substance: Coffee… Coffee Pet Peeve Number 1: Coffee-flavoured milk drinks There are a … Continue reading

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Sandy on Social Awareness

Sandy on Social Awareness. My comments: Sounds like you go to a Waitrose. At my local Waitrose, the socially unaware have another name: Pensioners.   They must always have their shopping trolleys right next to them which means blocking off … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve No. 1 – Lycra-Clad Cyclist

Pet Peeve No. 1 (the beginning of an ongoing series) The lycra-clad cyclist… The lycra-clad cyclist is a most annoying animal. Anything that makes him slow his pace is wrong, any pedestrian getting in his way is fair game. Any … Continue reading

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